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It was fun to see the SHARE students and hear about their fall break!  In class today, we reviewed the 3 people we learned about in the homework: Jonah, Nebuchadnezzer, and Aesop.  We added a folder to our timeline in preparation for adding dates and pictures next week.  In one class we had time to finish by acting out some of Aesop’s fables. It was a lot of fun!

One of the homework lessons this week is on Buddha.  It is approached from a Christian perspective and places him in history.  Feel free to read this first if this causes you any pause.  For our purposes it is to place a historical figure in history as well as learning that there are those in the world that believe differently than Christians and how we can engage with them.  We will not be digging deep into other religions.  If you have an issue with this topic, please feel free to let me know and have your child skip that chapter.  IF that is your wish, please e-mail me and I will excuse them for skipping that chapter. valeriejevon@gmail.com

Here is the Checklist if you were absent this week!


Class Summary and Important Notes:

It was so fun for the students to learn from each other more about Greek gods and Greek myths! Most of class was spent sharing and discussing these Greek gods and myths. In some classes, we had time to begin filling out the god/goddess and symbol chart.  If you would like to have your child finish this at home, feel free!  It is OPTIONAL.

There is homework this week!  I hope that your child can get it done during the 3 remaining days of this week, so they can take the entire week off from SHARE history next week for fall break!

**Please note, there are corrections that I made on the 5/6 grade checklist- I made these in pen.  I forgot to make the changes necessary from the copied ¾ grade checklist.  5/6 is expected to choose 2 projects, and If they do 3, that will be extra credit. Sorry for the mistake! (the 3/4th grade checklist is accurate)

**ENJOY your fall break! Don’t forget to return report cards when you come back!

Valerie Ritchey

The class time zoomed by today!! We added pictures to our timeline and reviewed the 3 people we learned about this week by adding some words under the pictures. We are going to dig into Greek Mythology this week!  Here are a few points to be aware of:

Greek Mythology is myth. The Greek gods and goddesses that we will be learning about are not true gods.  This week, they will be learning about one Greek god/ goddess and one Greek myth OF THEIR CHOICE.  They will be sharing this in class next week to their class. Also, I am asking the parents to preview any TED-Ed videos that your child may use to learn more about their myth. There was no way I could preview all the videos! The check list is the same for 3rd-6th grade, although the expectations are different.  I will expect grade level work- with the 3rd grade being more basic and the 6th more in-depth.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Checklist is attached below!

Valerie Ritchey


Class Summary 9-22-20

Class Summary

It was a full day in History today!! We started the class by expanding our timeline and adding the pictures.  We added some words to remind us of important information.  There were some students in 3rd and 4th grade who didn’t finish these words.  They are listed below and can finish at home.  The purpose is to have a picture or word reminder of what we learned about each person.  Next, we learned a bit of geography by completing and discussing a map together. Make sure your student has this complete!   We spent the rest of the class reviewing.  This week there will be two assignments- a crossword and a people/places page that will be reviewing all the information we have learned so far this year before we move on to Samuel, King David, and Elijah in our reading.



**TIMELINE- Here are the words we wrote under each person: (Remember, your child can draw pictures, or choose fewer words as long as they can understand what they mean!)

Adam: 1st Man

Noah: *ark, Flood, rainbow

Cheops: * Largest Pyramid is his tomb, pharaoh

Abraham: *covenant *New Land * had son Isaac when he was very old

Joseph: *coat *slave in Egypt  *dreams

Moses *burning bush  *plagues *led people out of slavery/Egypt * 10 commandments

King Tut *Pharaoh * undisturbed tomb with many treasures

MAP- make sure the following are labeled (Nile River, Delta, upper Egypt, Lower Egypt.  By the city of Giza, draw a pyramid.  Circle the Valley of the Kings where King Tut’s tomb was found.  Draw arrows UP from the bottom of the page, along the Nile, all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, where the river empties into the sea. (This is how upper and lower Egypt were named) Color the Nile, Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea BLUE

Class Summary 9-15-20

It was another hands-on day in History class!  We talked about King Tut and the discovery of his tomb. We watched this short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULofBtBAJn4.  Then, we talked about Mummies! We had fun “mummifying” apple slices! While we didn’t use all the spices and oils the Egyptians used to mummify their dead, we focused on salt, which was a very important part of the process.  Your child will bring this home to observe, as well as complete an assignment on this experiment on homework day 3.  (Only when you are ready to do that assignment, will you unwrap your apples.)  We talked about the importance of salt in Egypt, and how even Jesus talked about salt in the sermon on the Mount! It was necessary for life and necessary for survival as it preserved food.  Jesus says that we are THAT important-essential for LIFE- as we get to share Him in our world.  Ancient Egypt is so fascinating, we could dig into its history for months! We unfortunately will have to move forward soon in our History of the world.

**I really try to have the Homework Checklists printed out for each student.  That was not a possibility this week. I am so sorry! You will have to print your child’s checklist off from the link.  Both Checklists are on the same link, 3-4th grade is the first page, 5-6th grade is the second page.  I am sorry!  There will also be a link for Egypt Facts and Vocabulary to print off.

homework checklist                                 Egypt Facts and Vocabulary

Please Note_ The Usborne Ancient World pages to read for day 3 are posted below!

**SHARPIE- we do use these in class, so please have your student have one with their materials.


**FOR THOSE ABSENT:  I will give you the timeline figures in class next week, you won’t be able to complete that assignment at home.  That will be completely fine.

MUMMIFYING APPLES- You will need a small disposable paper plate, 4 apple slices, salt and gauze.  Divide the plate into 4 sections and with a sharpie marker label them control, gauze, salt, salt and gauze. (you could just use a piece of cardboard or anything you have around that is sturdy and disposable.) Place one plain apple slice in the control section.  Wrap one plain apple in gauze.  Coat the remaining 2 apples with salt. (In class, we put the two apple slices in a zipped up baggie of salt and shook it until they were covered.) One apple, covered with salt, will be placed in the salt section of the plate.  Wrap the remaining salt covered apple with gauze and place in the “salt and gauze” section.  We placed these plates into ziplock baggies and will observe later in the week for homework

Class Summary September 8, 2020

We had SO much to discuss in class today!  We started class discussing Abraham and his faith, trust, and obedience as He followed God into a new place.  We discussed the meaning of covenant and how God ALWAYS keeps his promises, even if it seems IMPOSSIBLE.   Then we talked about Joseph and how his life showed how what man meant for evil, God has used for good. (Genesis 50:20) Even the awful and hard things in Joseph’s life God used to save a nation!  Then we talked about Moses- and talked about how God used him to rescue his people from Egypt.  We talked about how Moses obeyed, even though he didn’t feel qualified and he was afraid.  God did the work, all Moses had to do was obey. We talked about the plagues God sent to Egypt when Pharaoh wouldn’t let God’s people go. Then we had a “Plague Meal” with something to eat to remember the different plagues! It was fun! (We all agreed that having the snack was way more fun than living through the plagues!)

Plagues and their corresponding treats:

Water into Blood- Hawaiian punch

Frogs- gummy frog

Lice/gnats/fleas- snowcaps

Flies- raisins

Diseased livestock- animal crackers

Boils- coated raspberry gummy

Hail/Fire- ice for their punch and cinnamon hot tamales

Locusts- a crunch bar, to represent their crunchy shell

Darkness- a dark chocolate pretzel

Death of the firstborn: we made a “door frame out of graham crackers, and then had red icing to represent

 Then we discussed the 10 commandments that God gave Moses.  We discussed that no one could keep the 10 commandments all the time.  God knew this, but we needed to realize we need help! We needed a rescuer, Jesus! He could keep the commandments on our behalf.  We wrote the first commandment on a rock so we can remember to Love God above all else. 

I am excited to keep learning about Egypt- This week we will learn about King Tut!

**Double check that both parent and child have signed the History information sheet!!

** Don’t forget that a PARENT needs to sign the homework checklist!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Valerie Ritchey (valeriejevon@gmail.com 

Below are the links to the videos!

Nat. Geo. Kids: Are we there yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIt8ZXFev2Y

National Geographic Kids: Are we there yet? Mummies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCAY5A7wgxM

Nat. Geo Kids: Are we there yet- Egypt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K63lXGHT67s

Homeschool pop  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0DUlp7NOeM

5 things about ancient Egypt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V3C6szgcIY

Here is the homework checklist in case 

you need it!

In my afternoon 3/4 grade class, my 

Checklists were hiding with other papers

and I couldn't find them! I am so sorry!

Please print this off for your child.

September 1, 2020

Class Summary 

It was a fun day in class today! We began by collecting the homework checklist and then the students shared their project that they choose.  I was blown away by the students amazing creativity!! Next, we watched the Noah story from the Jesus Storybook Bible.  Then we played a review game where I would say a fact and the students would remember who that fact was about.  We talked about interesting things that they learned.  Next, we watched a video about the Pyramids.  We ended class by constructing our own miniature pyramid. 

Please note, in the morning classes, glue was not working well, so I told them they could tape their pyramids at home.  I found some tape, so the afternoon classes should be complete.

***IMPORTANT REMINDERS-  Parents, do not forget that you need to sign the homework checklist.  DO NOT HAVE YOUR STUDENT SIGN YOUR NAME!  


**SOME PARENTS AND STUDENTS FORGOT TO SIGN THE HISTORY INFORMATION SHEET!  WILL YOU PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS AND SIGNED THIS PAPER??  I will give some homework points next week to every student who has their signature AND their parents on this paper!!

Listed below are the links from the homework page for Day 2:


In case of missing or lost homework checklist, below is the link to this week’s homework.    








August 25, 2020

**I am so sorry to have to ALREADY make a correction on the homework checklist!! Under project ideas it says "paint a rainbow and on the back" IT SHOULD FINISH: on the back, answer the questions on page 19 about why God gave us the rainbow.  I am sorry!

It was wonderful to have our first day at SHARE!  I loved seeing returning faces and meet our new students.  It is going to be a great year! 

In class, we spent some time getting to know each other.  We talked about what our History class would be like.  Each student received a homework checklist- This has all their assignments for the week.  Please go over this with them!  As their teacher of record, you will need to make sure they are completing their homework.

We began our History Timeline!  This is a great visual to keep history events and people ordered in your mind.  Our timeline is 1/3 the size of the pictures in the back of the book, so it can be kept in an individual student’s binder.  If you would like to print the pictures from the back of your book and make it full size, (and you have the space to hang this!) The instructions are on page 101 of your book, and an example is on page 8.  This is completely optional!

Important information: You received the spiral bound text that we will be using this year.  There is ONE per family.  We will not need the second volume until near the end of the semester.  Put this somewhere safe!  You may also write your family’s name on this text.  You will keep this at home unless I ask you to bring it for some unique situation.  If I need it, I will let you know on the website.

We are going to begin by using only 3 tabs.  We may add more as we have the need. The instructions for labeling are in the homework checklist. To organize the binder, the class information and syllabus can be before the first tab, the tabs should then be in order of homework, maps, and timeline (which can be in the very back, so it is easily accessible in class).

*I was asked about the purpose of the folder I requested.  There are times when I will pass papers, materials, or quizzes out to students, and some binders do not have reliable pockets and things get lost!  If there is a folder in the 3-ring binder, it is a safe place for these important things.

Can’t wait for next week!

Valerie Ritchey

Below is a link to the homework checklist, in case you were absent or you misplace yours.


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