3rd-6th History

It is UNBELIEVABLE that the school year has come to a close. It was a super fun last class day, with a review game and popcorn.  Some of your kids worked really hard at reviewing- I was so proud of them!  A few students forgot to bring in their final test.  Please send me this via email so I can calculate their final grades.  

Looking forward to seeing you next week at Field Day!!


Today was a fun class! We went over the Study Guide, to make sure everyone would be studying correct information. Then we played a team review game, going over what would be on the test.  The kids should be well prepared!


There is no official checklist this week, but here are the expectations.

  1. Review the Study Guide.

2.Take the Test. INSTRUCTIONS: This test NEEDS to be proctored by a parent.  The student is not allowed to use their book, notes, or internet. The parent MUST sign the test AND the sealed envelope.  That means that you put the signed test in the envelope, seal it, and sign along the seal.  Following these directions are IMPORTANT and will be included as points in the test. Bring this next week.

3. Review last semester's history- glance through your other book or your old timeline, refreshing your memory on what we have learned.  We will play a game that reviews all history material from this year on our LAST CLASS DAY next week!

April 20, 2021

History class was so fun!  Today we finished up any presentations from people who were absent last week.  Then, we broke up into groups and acted out stories or people we have learned about and the class would guess the story.  It was fun to see what parts stuck out to the kids as important as important to share with their friends. 


It is hard to believe the year is coming to a close!  Here is an overview for finishing up our History year together. 


Homework 4/20 - 4/27: Finish History book and review for final test. (Everything that will be on the closed book test will be on the Study Guide! The Study Guide will be posted here by WEDNESDAY as a PDF)

Class: 4:27- TEST REVIEW (We will be playing a game that will review all the information that will be on the test.  This class, along with studying what is on the Study Guide, will be very helpful for the closed book test!)

Homework 4/27-5/4- Review for the final test and take the test.

Class: 5/4- Turn in Test, Play a history game where we review EVERYTHING we learned all year long.

5/11 Field day!

                                                                                                                       Make sure you print off your correct grade's study guide.  Bring                                                                                                                                       these to class Next Week!!

April 13, 2021


It was wonderful to be back at SHARE!  I LOVED learning from your children’s presentations!  It was wonderful to hear all they had learned.  I saw a lot of creativeness and hard work.  Thank you for your kindness and understanding of me being out last week- I appreciated it!

It is hard to believe we are on the home stretch!  Let’s finish this school year strong!

Below are the class checklist and the comprehension questions.

30 March, 2021

It was a fun day in History today!  We answered any questions about next week’s presentation.  Next, we talked about Giotto.  We watched a video learning how stained glass was made and then we took a trip to the sanctuary in this building to view the stained glass depicting Bible Stories.  Next, we practiced drawing a story from the Bible, separating each color we wanted to use by a line, symbolizing the iron separating the different colored glass.  If you want to finish this, you are more than welcome to! It is optional, but if you choose to do it, I would love to see it!

Here is the video we watched in class:


IF you want to learn how Stained Glass is restored, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xdr4FfIn-DM


Here is the Homework Checklist and the Comprehension questions. I can’t wait to see your projects next week!  Enjoy celebrating Easter!

It was wonderful to see our SHARE students after the 2 week break!  In History, we got to share a bit about our break.  Then we finalized  our final presentation topics.  Next we discussed the presentation, and reviewed the homework and shared completed projects.  Class flew by! All the students were told that even though the presentation isn’t for 2 weeks, they are to do the bulk of the work THIS WEEK!  This is so that the week leading up to Easter weekend is not full of their final project.  I would like them to only have finishing touches or presentation practice for next week so that they have plenty of time to celebrate Easter in two weekends. 

 Summary for 3/2/21  

Today was fantastic! I loved learning what each student found fascinating about the Medieval Time period and watching the creative ways they chose to share that information with their classmates!  Most students put careful and thoughtful preparation into their topic choice. Some classes had more time than others left over after the sharing time.  During this we discussed more about the middle ages, particularly about the feudal system.

We only have this week of homework before Spring Break!!  It is hard to believe!  There is something wonderful about a planned break that feels different than the off weeks for weather or illness. I hope you have a break doing something fun!  I have planned for our 3 days of homework.  If you can, get them done this week, so you can take some time off without having that hanging over your head!


February 23, 2021

I was glad to be back at SHARE, seeing all the students and hearing about their snow adventures!  It sure was beautiful!  In History, we shared what projects we choose and very briefly discussed what we learned over the past 2 weeks.  We discussed what we will be doing next week.  If you have read the Magic Tree House Books, this might be a great time to re-read book #2, The Knight at Dawn, or the non-fiction companion Knights and Castles.

TIMELINE ASSIGNMENT: We ran out of time to add to our timelines!! Please cut out the following timeline and add them to the timeline- view the picture example below.  3-4th grade just put in the appropriate place, 5-6th grade, you must add the dates.

(If you haven’t done Peter and Paul yet, please do so now! **If you have misplaced the first 4, you can just write the name where the picture should go!)




Attila the Hun

St Benedict

Pope Gregory




Leif Ericsson

William the Conqueror

(Keep the remaining 3 in the pocket for the future)



Cut out the following timeline pictures passed out in class. 

For Homework, we have a few videos to watch, and then we are going to be digging deeper into Medieval life.  We will share these in class next week.  (PLEASE READ THROUGH THE CHOICES ON THE CHECKLIST WITH YOUR CHILD and decide together what you have time for this week.  This is not meant to be an overwhelming project but should fit within the History homework time you set aside this week. I reminded the students NOT to wait until the last minute to begin!)






________ (Optional for grades 3-4, required for grades 5-6) https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/world-history/medieval-times/european-middle-ages-and-serfdom/v/overview-of-the-middle-ages

February 16, 2021

Hi Dear Students and Parents! I hope you are warm and dry and are enjoying your snow (ice!) day at home with your families.  I miss seeing you today, but I am thankful that we can be safe in our homes.

Thank you for the Valentine’s Day gifts, cards, treats and hugs!  It was a fun day to be together last week!!

We have been moving at a fast clip the past several weeks in History. This week we get to take some time to review and slow down a little bit.  This doesn’t mean you don’t have history homework!  Use your time to review and learn these next 2 chapters.  We are going to take some time to dig deeper into the Middle Ages, some of the myths and legends of the time period, and knights and castles. It will be fun!

Stay safe and dry! I’ll see you next week!

Mrs. Valerie

February 9, 2021

Today was another day that flew by in History Class!  Although not as busy as last week, with the putting together of the Roman History Packets, the 45 minutes still zoomed. We did the paper exchange, shared about the projects that we choose and what we found interesting about them.  We then went over the comprehension homework sheet, discussing the main information on each of the people we learned about this week.

Homework this week will look similar to last week.  IF your child did not read through the History Packets, highlighting new, fascinating information about the Roman Empire, please do that this week! We will be discussing those next week.

I profusely apologize that I left my Christmas Thank You's at home AGAIN! I sent a reminder for myself this week so I won't forget them again next week. Thank you for your grace!

February 2, 2021

First, I recognize that some of you had trouble printing off the graded comprehension worksheet and having the word box show up! I am so sorry this happened.  My guess is that I created it on word, and if you don't have word on your computer, or maybe were using an apple product, there was issues with that word box showing up. Any way, I am very sorry! Some of you contacted me, and some just figured it out by using the lesson people, but if something like this ever happens again (I HOPE IT DOESN'T!) Don't hesitate to let me know and I can help you!

What a whirlwind day we had in History Class!  After collecting materials and passing out what the students would need for the week, we made some Ancient Rome History Packets.  This was a way to review the material, provide some visuals, and also some extra information that your students might find fascinating. We were able to go through varying amounts of the material in each class- depending on how long the actual construction of the packets took.

Please take a little bit of time to go over this!  It is NOT on your homework checklist, but I would like you to do it.  Highlight anything you find fascinating, and we will share those next week in class.

Here is this week’s checklist





Here is the 3-4 grade comprehension questions to go along with the reading.





Here is the 5-6 grade comprehension questions to go along with the reading.








We are taking a brief pause from our Lessons from History book to make sure we gave a good understanding of Ancient Rome.  With Thanksgiving break, Covid days off, one online school day and then Christmas break, our time in Ancient Rome has been a bit disjointed.  I want to make sure that we have a foundational knowledge of the power and influence of Ancient Rome, before we continue in the book.  

This week we are going to dig in deeper with some videos and extra resources on Ancient Rome. We will end the week with a comprehensive homework page on Rome that will be graded.  The students WILL be able to use their book AND any homework comprehension pages and vocabulary terms.   The students CAN NOT use the internet, a parent, or a sibling to complete the page.  This is in place of a quiz.  This worksheet will be graded.

IN class, we quickly glued the timeline onto a new folder, and then we went over the comprehension worksheets and HIGHLIGHTED the information they would need to remember.  (THERE WERE SOME STUDENTS WHO DID NOT HAVE THE WORKSHEET OV FIRST 3 LESSONS.  I have re-attached it and they will need that to prepare for the comprehension worksheet.) We also went over some Roman vocabulary.  (There were a few classes that we did not get to go over these terms!  If your student was in one of these classes, please have them highlight the following terms on these pages and read the definitions.  You do not have to illustrate the terms. (3/4th grade Vocabulary words: gladiator, republic, senate, constitution, dictatorship, colosseum, aqueducts, Christianity. 5th/6th grade vocabulary: Gladiator, plebeian, patrician, republic, Senate, consuls, tribune, veto, constitution, dictatorship, Colosseum, aqueducts, Christianity)

Below are the links to the checklist, website articles, and videos.  Let me know if you have questions! valeriejevon@gmail.com  ALSO, e-mail me if you were absent and I can make sure you have everything you need!


                                                            IF you were absent today, 

                                                       here is the vocab page handed


                                                                   out in class

The Ancient Rome Worksheet that is assigned for DAY 3 will be added Wednesday or Thursday morning.  CHECK BACK TO PRINT THAT OFF!!  It will be added HERE.

3-4th grade                                                                      5th/6th grade

AS STATED LAST WEEK- If you missed the assignment on the first 3 lessons in book two, PLEASE scroll down to last week’s website!  You will NEED to do this so you can complete the comprehensive worksheet!  I have re-attached the link here:

LINKS: Article for homework for day 1 and 2 https://rome.mrdonn.org/ 

Video links for day 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo0KujQEJ_s


video links for day 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5e7cl19Ha0


EXTRA RESOURCES TO DIG DEEPER! (optional, but encouraged)

Nat Geo Kids (1 minute): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuCbRPnJRqY&list=PLlxwNhSkzqrCC_DwwvklnwGgA1e-AlJ5G&index=85

Lost City of Pompeii (2½ minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeB5N_bH7E8&list=PLlxwNhSkzqrCC_DwwvklnwGgA1e-AlJ5G&index=86

Pompeii: Buried Alive read aloud  (11 minutes): 



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8jx6spROL8 (How the Romans built Roads)\

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYROQW9IDIg (Watch just the first 2 minutes about Rome’s aqueducts)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aDhzQMIGCY (The Pantheon)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHsi5-k2iK0   (Horrible History)

Additional videos for 5th/6th

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcReek3z_38 (Roman Engineering: Strongly recommended for grades 5-6.  You may start the video half-way through if you are running short on time. )

Roman Military Technology and Tactics


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09meiYkTsBo How the Roman Colosseum was built


It was so wonderful to be back together at Share! I have missed seeing your sweet kiddos!  We spent a little time catching up and then we exchanged papers.  We started a new timeline and ended class with a jeopardy review (In MOST classes.)  Time flew by!

**Please Note! We were not able to glue the Peter and Paul pictures on the timeline.  Please glue them to your timeline.  Near the photo of Jesus.  **PLEASE NOTE: The writing is much too small.  You may cut off the type written writing and just write the names so you can read it. (You will also have to do this on the names of the timeline pictures you add for homework on day 1.)

I told the kids that they can clean out their binders from first semester.  They may want to keep all their work in a folder at home.

**  REPORT CARDS CAME HOME TODAY!  Please sign and return them next week.  It was tricky to fill out report cards with so much time away from SHARE!  The teachers decided to not to fill out the Work Habits, with so much time away and some students missing when we were in session.  We are hoping to be in class much more consistently this next grading period!

*IF you Missed and DID NOT DO the Homework from 11/17, you will need to!  We will be building on that information and people in the Roman Empire.  See the details below, from the post on 11/17


*WATCH THIS VIDEO ABOUT BC/AD  https://www.gotquestions.org/BC-AD.html

Watch this video about Paul’s missionary journeys.  https://bibleproject.com/explore/video/gospel-acts-3/



EXTRA CREDIT: Create a map of Paul’s missionary journeys.

Homework Checklist


I am sad to miss seeing your smiling faces at SHARE today!  We are continuing to learn how to live when things are out of our control- such as the continuing pandemic and schools being remote! As hard as it is, it is a lesson in flexibility and surrender- life skills we will need all our lives.  Flexibility as things change, and Surrender to God, which is walking open-handedly to all He has in store.

We will continue our journey in History! This week we are going to be digging deeper into the lives of Jesus Christ, Peter, and Paul.  The lesson on Jesus and activities will take a bit longer than the other two lessons.  Below is the homework checklist and the homework sheet to fill out for Lessons 4-6.  I HOPE to see you soon!  Until then, be extra kind to each other in your family, and work hard!

Homework Checklist:

3-4 grade Worksheet                                             5-6 grade worksheet


***UPDATE**** It is difficult for some to upload the video of the presentation.  So, we are having a change of plans! We will be presenting these on our NEXT SHARE DAY.  Lord, willing, we will be back in class.  IF NOT, Than I will TRY to work on a zoom call that the students will present during a specified time. They can cross off watching their classmates on the checklist.  Don't forget to send in a picture of their quiz! They will also need to bring in the paper copy at the next class.

Well, if 2020 has taught us anything, it is the need for flexibility!  I am so sad that we couldn’t have our class presentations in person! There was so much time given to work on these, and I was looking forward to celebrating your student’s hard work!  My idea is to have you video your child giving their presentation.  Then, I will collect them by class and e-mail them out to the other students in the class.  I am not sure the details of this, as this is a new attempt for me. However, I will do my best.  Please make sure your child’s name is on the subject line, along with their grade. On day 3, their homework is to watch their classmate’s presentations and write a few things that they learned.  If there are complications for me to get them out, I will post more about it here.

**There are 3 full days of History homework, but it is my hope that your student will get all their work done Tues-Friday for you can enjoy an entire week off for Thanksgiving!!

Here is this week's homework checklist. (3-4th are the first page, 5-6, you need to scroll down to the second page for their checklist) AND the worksheet that goes along with the reading.

Homework Checklist:                                        Comprehension



It was a good day in History!  WE enjoyed the result of the vote: Caramel Apples and Hot Chocolate. We discussed the class voting results.  Next, we discussed the timeline.  We spent some time reviewing.  We also answered any questions about next weeks presentation day.

There is NO homework checklist because there are only 3 assignments this week. You will TURN IN the quiz, and do your presentation, so I WILL KNOW if you have done your homework. 😊


  1. Go to your timeline.  In (MOST) classes, we added the pictures of Hannibal, Judas Maccabee, Alexander the Great, and Archimedes.  We added the words: Zerubbabel *governor* under the picture of Ezra reading the Law.  (Zerubbabel led the Jews back from captivity in Babylon to their land in Judah and was their governor.  Ezra, a priest and scribe of God, went to Jerusalem to teach the returned exiles God’s Laws.  These things go together in the timeline as the same general event.)

  • IF you didn’t get the pictures glued and Zerubbabel written on your timeline done in class, DO IT FIRST!

  • Add the words from last week’s timeline words to Alexander the Great and Archimedes. (If you lost that page, you can print it off at the bottom of this post.)

  • The names and dates of the 4 pictures added in class are very small! IF YOU WANT, write the names and dates bigger. (Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Judas Maccabee, Archimedes.  (IF your child was absent or is missing any pictures, they are in the back of the book.  You can copy it and reduce the size to 33%)

  • Add the following words to the final 2 pictures: (Feel free to just print and paste the following text onto your timeline.)

    • Hannibal- Led in the Second Punic War Carthage, Africa against Rome. He won many battles but lost the war. Used elephants which were effective in battle.  IN the 3rd Punic War, Rome destroyed Carthage.

    • Judas Maccabee- a member of a Jewish family who refused to worship Zeus.  The faithful rebelled, attacked Jerusalem, and reclaimed the Temple for God.  They lit a special lamp called a Menorah: While they only had oil for 1 day, it burned for 8. The Jewish celebration to celebrate the rededication is Hanukkah.


  1. Finish your presentation and practice!  Don’t forget about your time requirements.  You will need to bring in your presentation rubric and all your presentation materials to class next week.


  1. Quiz!  We will have a quiz!  This needs to be proctored by a parent.  You may ONLY use YOUR timeline.  You may not use other worksheets or notes, ONLY your timeline.  If you have completed it as assigned, all the information on the quiz should be there.  Your parent must sign your paper.  You will be able to print off the quiz here on Wednesday evening.  Don’t forget to bring your quiz to turn in next week!!

Here is the 3rd and 4th                                            Here is the 5th and 6th Grade

Grade Quiz                                                                                 Quiz


  1. DO NOT FORGET TO TURN IN YOUR QUIZ and BRING YOUR PRESENTATION NEXT TUESDAY!  It will be a wonderful class day in History! I can’t wait to see your hard work!!

Here is the timeline words and the presentation rubric, if you need them again!


It was a fun day in History Class! We took a break from ancient history and talked about democracy and the electoral process in the United States. While we didn’t discuss politics in particular, we discussed the process and privilege. We learned important dates related in the process in our countries’ history.  Then we had a mock election- for which treats we will enjoy in class next week!  We talked about how we will not all get our choice, but we will all get a treat.

CHECKLIST CORRECTION- The timeline pictures were handed out in class, but the summary is found HERE- and needs to be printed out.  3rd and 4th grade might need to cut and glue the words to the timeline to review.  This is an option if their handwriting is too large, or it is too many words to write.  If they do this, make sure that they do continue to review the information.

*Please note- the information is in 3 columns, and not

written in paragraph form.  This is so that if you are

using the cut and paste option, it will fit under the picture.




Here is the homework checklist.

Class Summary 10/27


Today in class we finalized our presentation topics and discussed the presentation requirements.  (Every student should know who they are going to present on for the 11/17 presentations!) Then we added dates and pictures to our timelines. We reviewed the people from the reading and shared projects we completed and what was learned. And just like that, our time was up!!

Please watch the following videos.







**Please note: On the homework checklist, there is the option to visit the Parthenon in Nashville.  If that is not an option for your family, but you would still like to earn the extra credit, you can research the Parthenon and write some basic information down to share with the class.

**Please print out this rubric for your history presentation. Write your name and presentation person on the lines.  Use this to prepare for your presentation on November 17th.  You WILL turn this sheet in on your presentation day. IT should go

without saying, but all information should

be age appropriate!


*If you have a biblical figure,

thebibleproject.com is an excellent resource.

**Many have asked if they could bring a snack/treat during their presentation.  This is NOT a requirement or expectation.  They can, IF it has some sort of connection to your presentation.



**TIMELINE- On homework, it says to review the timeline.  This is to keep the information fresh for the quiz coming up in a few weeks. We will add more pictures and words next week.

Here is the homework checklist


It was fun to see the SHARE students and hear about their fall break!  In class today, we reviewed the 3 people we learned about in the homework: Jonah, Nebuchadnezzer, and Aesop.  We added a folder to our timeline in preparation for adding dates and pictures next week.  In one class we had time to finish by acting out some of Aesop’s fables. It was a lot of fun!

One of the homework lessons this week is on Buddha.  It is approached from a Christian perspective and places him in history.  Feel free to read this first if this causes you any pause.  For our purposes it is to place a historical figure in history as well as learning that there are those in the world that believe differently than Christians and how we can engage with them.  We will not be digging deep into other religions.  If you have an issue with this topic, please feel free to let me know and have your child skip that chapter.  IF that is your wish, please e-mail me and I will excuse them for skipping that chapter. valeriejevon@gmail.com

Here is the Checklist if you were absent this week!


Class Summary and Important Notes:

It was so fun for the students to learn from each other more about Greek gods and Greek myths! Most of class was spent sharing and discussing these Greek gods and myths. In some classes, we had time to begin filling out the god/goddess and symbol chart.  If you would like to have your child finish this at home, feel free!  It is OPTIONAL.

There is homework this week!  I hope that your child can get it done during the 3 remaining days of this week, so they can take the entire week off from SHARE history next week for fall break!

**Please note, there are corrections that I made on the 5/6 grade checklist- I made these in pen.  I forgot to make the changes necessary from the copied ¾ grade checklist.  5/6 is expected to choose 2 projects, and If they do 3, that will be extra credit. Sorry for the mistake! (the 3/4th grade checklist is accurate)

**ENJOY your fall break! Don’t forget to return report cards when you come back!

Valerie Ritchey

The class time zoomed by today!! We added pictures to our timeline and reviewed the 3 people we learned about this week by adding some words under the pictures. We are going to dig into Greek Mythology this week!  Here are a few points to be aware of:

Greek Mythology is myth. The Greek gods and goddesses that we will be learning about are not true gods.  This week, they will be learning about one Greek god/ goddess and one Greek myth OF THEIR CHOICE.  They will be sharing this in class next week to their class. Also, I am asking the parents to preview any TED-Ed videos that your child may use to learn more about their myth. There was no way I could preview all the videos! The check list is the same for 3rd-6th grade, although the expectations are different.  I will expect grade level work- with the 3rd grade being more basic and the 6th more in-depth.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Checklist is attached below!

Valerie Ritchey


Class Summary 9-22-20

Class Summary

It was a full day in History today!! We started the class by expanding our timeline and adding the pictures.  We added some words to remind us of important information.  There were some students in 3rd and 4th grade who didn’t finish these words.  They are listed below and can finish at home.  The purpose is to have a picture or word reminder of what we learned about each person.  Next, we learned a bit of geography by completing and discussing a map together. Make sure your student has this complete!   We spent the rest of the class reviewing.  This week there will be two assignments- a crossword and a people/places page that will be reviewing all the information we have learned so far this year before we move on to Samuel, King David, and Elijah in our reading.



**TIMELINE- Here are the words we wrote under each person: (Remember, your child can draw pictures, or choose fewer words as long as they can understand what they mean!)

Adam: 1st Man

Noah: *ark, Flood, rainbow

Cheops: * Largest Pyramid is his tomb, pharaoh

Abraham: *covenant *New Land * had son Isaac when he was very old

Joseph: *coat *slave in Egypt  *dreams

Moses *burning bush  *plagues *led people out of slavery/Egypt * 10 commandments

King Tut *Pharaoh * undisturbed tomb with many treasures

MAP- make sure the following are labeled (Nile River, Delta, upper Egypt, Lower Egypt.  By the city of Giza, draw a pyramid.  Circle the Valley of the Kings where King Tut’s tomb was found.  Draw arrows UP from the bottom of the page, along the Nile, all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, where the river empties into the sea. (This is how upper and lower Egypt were named) Color the Nile, Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea BLUE

Class Summary 9-15-20

It was another hands-on day in History class!  We talked about King Tut and the discovery of his tomb. We watched this short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULofBtBAJn4.  Then, we talked about Mummies! We had fun “mummifying” apple slices! While we didn’t use all the spices and oils the Egyptians used to mummify their dead, we focused on salt, which was a very important part of the process.  Your child will bring this home to observe, as well as complete an assignment on this experiment on homework day 3.  (Only when you are ready to do that assignment, will you unwrap your apples.)  We talked about the importance of salt in Egypt, and how even Jesus talked about salt in the sermon on the Mount! It was necessary for life and necessary for survival as it preserved food.  Jesus says that we are THAT important-essential for LIFE- as we get to share Him in our world.  Ancient Egypt is so fascinating, we could dig into its history for months! We unfortunately will have to move forward soon in our History of the world.

**I really try to have the Homework Checklists printed out for each student.  That was not a possibility this week. I am so sorry! You will have to print your child’s checklist off from the link.  Both Checklists are on the same link, 3-4th grade is the first page, 5-6th grade is the second page.  I am sorry!  There will also be a link for Egypt Facts and Vocabulary to print off.

homework checklist                                 Egypt Facts and Vocabulary

Please Note_ The Usborne Ancient World pages to read for day 3 are posted below!

**SHARPIE- we do use these in class, so please have your student have one with their materials.


**FOR THOSE ABSENT:  I will give you the timeline figures in class next week, you won’t be able to complete that assignment at home.  That will be completely fine.

MUMMIFYING APPLES- You will need a small disposable paper plate, 4 apple slices, salt and gauze.  Divide the plate into 4 sections and with a sharpie marker label them control, gauze, salt, salt and gauze. (you could just use a piece of cardboard or anything you have around that is sturdy and disposable.) Place one plain apple slice in the control section.  Wrap one plain apple in gauze.  Coat the remaining 2 apples with salt. (In class, we put the two apple slices in a zipped up baggie of salt and shook it until they were covered.) One apple, covered with salt, will be placed in the salt section of the plate.  Wrap the remaining salt covered apple with gauze and place in the “salt and gauze” section.  We placed these plates into ziplock baggies and will observe later in the week for homework

Class Summary September 8, 2020

We had SO much to discuss in class today!  We started class discussing Abraham and his faith, trust, and obedience as He followed God into a new place.  We discussed the meaning of covenant and how God ALWAYS keeps his promises, even if it seems IMPOSSIBLE.   Then we talked about Joseph and how his life showed how what man meant for evil, God has used for good. (Genesis 50:20) Even the awful and hard things in Joseph’s life God used to save a nation!  Then we talked about Moses- and talked about how God used him to rescue his people from Egypt.  We talked about how Moses obeyed, even though he didn’t feel qualified and he was afraid.  God did the work, all Moses had to do was obey. We talked about the plagues God sent to Egypt when Pharaoh wouldn’t let God’s people go. Then we had a “Plague Meal” with something to eat to remember the different plagues! It was fun! (We all agreed that having the snack was way more fun than living through the plagues!)

Plagues and their corresponding treats:

Water into Blood- Hawaiian punch

Frogs- gummy frog

Lice/gnats/fleas- snowcaps

Flies- raisins

Diseased livestock- animal crackers

Boils- coated raspberry gummy

Hail/Fire- ice for their punch and cinnamon hot tamales

Locusts- a crunch bar, to represent their crunchy shell

Darkness- a dark chocolate pretzel

Death of the firstborn: we made a “door frame out of graham crackers, and then had red icing to represent

Then we discussed the 10 commandments that God gave Moses.  We discussed that no one could keep the 10 commandments all the time.  God knew this, but we needed to realize we need help! We needed a rescuer, Jesus! He could keep the commandments on our behalf.  We wrote the first commandment on a rock so we can remember to Love God above all else.

I am excited to keep learning about Egypt- This week we will learn about King Tut!

**Double check that both parent and child have signed the History information sheet!!

** Don’t forget that a PARENT needs to sign the homework checklist!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Valerie Ritchey (valeriejevon@gmail.com

Below are the links to the videos!

Nat. Geo. Kids: Are we there yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIt8ZXFev2Y

National Geographic Kids: Are we there yet? Mummies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCAY5A7wgxM

Nat. Geo Kids: Are we there yet- Egypt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K63lXGHT67s

Homeschool pop  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0DUlp7NOeM

5 things about ancient Egypt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V3C6szgcIY

Here is the homework checklist in case

you need it!

In my afternoon 3/4 grade class, my

Checklists were hiding with other papers

and I couldn't find them! I am so sorry!

Please print this off for your child.

September 1, 2020

Class Summary

It was a fun day in class today! We began by collecting the homework checklist and then the students shared their project that they choose.  I was blown away by the students amazing creativity!! Next, we watched the Noah story from the Jesus Storybook Bible.  Then we played a review game where I would say a fact and the students would remember who that fact was about.  We talked about interesting things that they learned.  Next, we watched a video about the Pyramids.  We ended class by constructing our own miniature pyramid.

Please note, in the morning classes, glue was not working well, so I told them they could tape their pyramids at home.  I found some tape, so the afternoon classes should be complete.

***IMPORTANT REMINDERS-  Parents, do not forget that you need to sign the homework checklist.  DO NOT HAVE YOUR STUDENT SIGN YOUR NAME!  


**SOME PARENTS AND STUDENTS FORGOT TO SIGN THE HISTORY INFORMATION SHEET!  WILL YOU PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS AND SIGNED THIS PAPER??  I will give some homework points next week to every student who has their signature AND their parents on this paper!!

Listed below are the links from the homework page for Day 2:


In case of missing or lost homework checklist, below is the link to this week’s homework.    








August 25, 2020

**I am so sorry to have to ALREADY make a correction on the homework checklist!! Under project ideas it says "paint a rainbow and on the back" IT SHOULD FINISH: on the back, answer the questions on page 19 about why God gave us the rainbow.  I am sorry!

It was wonderful to have our first day at SHARE!  I loved seeing returning faces and meet our new students.  It is going to be a great year!

In class, we spent some time getting to know each other.  We talked about what our History class would be like.  Each student received a homework checklist- This has all their assignments for the week.  Please go over this with them!  As their teacher of record, you will need to make sure they are completing their homework.

We began our History Timeline!  This is a great visual to keep history events and people ordered in your mind.  Our timeline is 1/3 the size of the pictures in the back of the book, so it can be kept in an individual student’s binder.  If you would like to print the pictures from the back of your book and make it full size, (and you have the space to hang this!) The instructions are on page 101 of your book, and an example is on page 8.  This is completely optional!

Important information: You received the spiral bound text that we will be using this year.  There is ONE per family.  We will not need the second volume until near the end of the semester.  Put this somewhere safe!  You may also write your family’s name on this text.  You will keep this at home unless I ask you to bring it for some unique situation.  If I need it, I will let you know on the website.

We are going to begin by using only 3 tabs.  We may add more as we have the need. The instructions for labeling are in the homework checklist. To organize the binder, the class information and syllabus can be before the first tab, the tabs should then be in order of homework, maps, and timeline (which can be in the very back, so it is easily accessible in class).

*I was asked about the purpose of the folder I requested.  There are times when I will pass papers, materials, or quizzes out to students, and some binders do not have reliable pockets and things get lost!  If there is a folder in the 3-ring binder, it is a safe place for these important things.

Can’t wait for next week!

Valerie Ritchey

Below is a link to the homework checklist, in case you were absent or you misplace yours.