Class 10/20

We took our first vocabulary quiz today. Then we reviewed the strong verb and ly adverb dress-ups.  Two new banned verbs were added: go and went.  Our new myth was read aloud and we worked on our outlines in class.  Class was wrapped up with a myth that I read aloud: Demeter and Persephone.

Homework Due 10/27

Day 1

  1.  Read Chapter 1 The Hobbit.

  2. Finish your outline (KWO) in workbook on page 61 using your source text on page 60.  Remember to keep the story sequence chart in mind, along with the questions beside your outline.

  3. Cut out 2 new vocabulary words: proud and fastened.

Day 2

  1.  Write your rough draft of paragraph (I), using only your KWO on page 61.   

  2. Read over your paragraph to be sure it makes sense.

  3. Add in your dress-ups from the checklist on page 64: ly adverb, strong verb, and who/which clause.

  4. Double check your paragraph to make sure there are not any banned wordssay/said, or go/went.

  5. Have your editor check your paragraph and make necessary corrections.

  6. Double check the checklist on page 64.

Day 3

  1. Write your rough draft of paragraph (II), using your KWO on page 61.  

  2. Read over paragraph II and make sure it makes sense. Double check your checklist on page 64. Add all three dress-ups and look for banned words.

  3. Have your editor read over your paragraph and make necessary changes.

  4. Study your vocabulary words.

***Remember you can change the story some.  Follow the story sequence chart on your KWO page 61.  We will finish this story next week.

Have a lovely week!






Class 10/6

Class began with learning a new dress-up Strong Verb. We added a banned word say/said. Now students are not allowed to use say or said in their writings.  They have a list of words in their binder to replace say or said.  After reviewing the ly and w/w clause, we covered labeling our papers and double checking paragraphs using the checklist.

Homework due 10/20

Day 1

  1. Read chapter 12 in The Sword in the Tree.

  2. Write your third rough draft paragraph using your outline (KWO), wb page 47.  Create a strong clincher sentence, last sentence in your paragraph to wrap up your story.  Use 2-3 key words from your clincher sentence to write your title.

  3. Read over your paragraph and make sure it makes sense.  Be sure to add your dress-ups ( ly adverb, w/w clause, and our new dress-up strong verb).  Then let your editor read it to help you fix mistakes. ****Make sure you have someone to read over your paragraph to help you. 

  4. After having your final paragraph edited, it is time to double check your whole story, all three paragraphs.

  5. First you need to add your new dress-up (strong verb) to all paragraphs.

  6. Then double check your checklist wb 56!  Make sure you finish editing by having your editor read over your entire story (all 3 paragraphs).

  7. Be sure you have:

  • 3 ly adverbs, 1 in each paragraph.

  • 3 w/w clauses, 1 in each paragraph.

  •  3 strong verbs, 1 in each paragraph.

  • All dress-ups underlined in a colorful pen and labeled in the right margin of your paper (LY, W/W, and SV).

  • Your 2-3 keywords highlighted in your clincher sentence (final sentence) and title.

  • Vocabulary words underlined and labeled in your left margin (voc).

  • Make sure you did not use the banned words say/said in your story.

Day 2

  1. Read chapter 13 in The Sword in the Tree.

  2. Write neatly or type your final draft.  Then place your papers together in the order that is listed on your checklists.  Notice there will be 2 checklists: wb 50 and wb 56.

  3. Make sure to label your dress-ups in the right margin and underline them.  Vocabulary words should be labeled in the left margin and underlined.  Highlight your keywords in the clincher sentence and title.

  4. Cut out your 2 new vocabulary words, they will not be on your quiz: gushed- poured forth violently.  followed- came or went after.

  5. Study all vocabulary words to get ready for your quiz October 20.

Day 3

  1. Finish reading The Sword in the Tree chapter 14.

***Enjoy your Fall Break!

Class 9/29

This week we are moving to Narrative Stories using stories that are  Myths and leaving Fables behind.  We will be writing three paragraphs instead of just one and students will get to change stories a little which allows them to be more creative.  After reviewing the ly adverb and who/which dress-ups, we created sentences using our new vocabulary words.  Our source text was read out loud and we began our outlines for this week's homework.

Homework due 10/6

Day 1

  1. Read chapter 10 in The Sword in the Tree.

  2. Cut our your new vocabulary words: youths and Labrynth.  Make sure you have tossed and slender cut out and added to your words as well from last week.

  3. Create a key word outline (KWO) on page 47 using your source text on page 46 Theseus and the Minotaur and your story sequence chart on page 45.  *There is a really cool symbol chart in your workbook on page 229, you can use to help you outline.  Remember this will not be an outline where each sentence is on one line of your KWO.  We are taking a story that is two paragraphs and making it three paragraphs.  So use the questions on your story sequence chart to guide your information and details into the correct paragraph.  You may not use all of the questions and you may choose to change the story.  That is fine.  Just make sure you have at least four sentences in each paragraph.  Some of your paragraphs may be longer than the others and that is fine too.   

Day 2

  1. Read chapter 11 in The Sword in the Tree.

  2. Write your first rough draft of paragraph (I) using only your KWO on page 47, put away your source text.

  3. Read your paragraph to yourself to make sure it makes sense.  Add your dress-ups in (ly adverb, who/which clause). Then have your editor check it.  Make necessary corrections.

  4. Double check your checklist on page 50.  Make sure you added your ly adverb and who/which clause dress-ups. 

Day 3

  1. Write your second rough draft paragraph (II) using only your KWO on page 47.  Add your ly adverb and who/which dress-up.

  2. Read your paragraph to make sure it makes sense.  Then have your editor proof read it.  Make changes.

  3. Double check your checklist.  

  4. Study all of your vocabulary words.

***Remember we will write the rough draft of paragraph 3 next week and complete our final draft of all three paragraphs next week.  You will turn in your full assignment on October 20 when we come back from fall break.  Also remember that each roman numeral represents a paragraph on your outline.

***You will have one of each of the dress-ups per paragraph.  This will make 3 ly adverbs and 3 who/which clauses.  Please underline all three.

Vocabulary Words:

Labrynth-a maze built by Daedalus to house the Minotaur

youths- young persons

Enjoy your week! Looking forward to reading your creative changes to this story!


Class 9/22

Today we learned about the dress-up the who/which clause.  After practicing how it is used, we reviewed the ly adverb dress-up.  We went over how to label everything again, discussed not adding any new vocabulary  words this week.  The Sword in the Tree was discussed, and class ended with work on our KWO for homework this week.

Homework due 9/29

Day 1

  1. Read chapter 8 in The Sword in the Tree.

  2. Study vocabulary words.

  3. Read the source text on page 38, The Mule and His Buyer.  Highlight, underline, or circle 3 key words in each sentence.

  4. Write your outline on page 39 using three key words plus symbols, numbers, and abbreviations when possible.

  5. Test your outline by telling the fable from your KWO aloud to someone.

Day 2

  1. Write your rough draft paragraph after tearing out your outline.  Do not look back at your source text.

  2. Read over your rough draft to check for simple mistakes and make sure it makes sense.  Then create a title using 2-3 key words from your last sentence.  If your last sentence does not have good key words, you may add words to your last sentence or change it completely to make sure ;you have good words to use for a title.

  3. Have your editor check your paragraph and add in your dress-ups and vocabulary words.  Finish by double checking your checklist on page 42.

  4. Keep in mind you are writing your outline and rough draft in pen and they can be sloppy.  You may also mark up your checklist!

Day 3

  1. Double check your checklist. Do not forget where your name, date, and the title go.

  2. Neatly write or type your final draft.  Underline your dress-ups and vocabulary words with a colorful pen.  Label them correctly: (ly) and (w/w) in the right margin with a colorful pen.  (voc) in the left margin with a colorful pen.

  3. Highlight your 2-3 keywords in your last sentence and title.

  4. Place all work in a pile with your name on each sheet: Checklist first, final draft, rough draft, and outline.  Keep work in the front of your binder ready to turn in.

  5. w/w clause help is on workbook page 40 if you need it.

  6. Read chapter 9 in The Sword in the Tree.

Have a fabulous week!

Last week's vocabulary words if you did not get them cut out:

Slender  thin or slight

tossed  threw lightly



Class 9/15

The class all did well on their first paragraphs!  All made A's!  That is a very exciting.  Today we reviewed the (-ly) dress-up.  The title rule was discussed, along with capitalization rules.  Class flew by as we worked on outlines for this week's homework.  

Homework due 9/22

Day 1

  1. Read chapter 6 in The Sword in the Tree.

  2. Cut out your new vocabulary words tossed and slender.

  3. Read our source text on page 32 the Milkmaid and Her Pail, then highlight, underline, or circle 3 key words from each sentence.

  4. Write your key word outline (KWO) on page 33.  Use only 3 words plus unlimited symbols, abbreviations, and numbers.

  5. Read each line of your outline to test it, by reading it aloud to someone else.

Day 2

  1. Read chapter 7 in The Sword in the Tree.

  2. Write your rough draft of The Milkmaid and Her Pail.  Read your paragraph and make sure your sentences make sense.  Remember to put your source text away and use only your outline to write.  Create a title using 2-3 key words from your last sentence.

  3. Have your editor check your rough draft and make corrections.

  4. Add an (-ly) dress-up to your paper and make sure your title comes from your last sentence.  Double check your checklist on page 36.

Day 3

  1. Write neatly or type your final draft. Label your dress-ups, vocabulary words by underlining them in a colorful pen.  Label them correctly by writing them in a colHighlight your 2-3 key words in your last sentence that you used in your title.

  2. Make sure you double check your checklist.  Put all of your papers in order to turn in:  checklist on top, final draft, rough draft, and key word outline.  Please be sure your name is on every paper.

  3. Study vocabulary words.

Have a fabulous week!

If you missed class:

  1. Read page 34 in your workbook.  

  2. Read and fill out workbook page 35.

Class 9/8

Today we learned our first dress-up, the (-ly adverb).  We learned how to use it, where to find ly adverbs in our binder to help us choose one, and how to label them on our final draft.  Students turned in homework and we discussed our homework for the week.

Homework due 9/15

Day 1

  1. Read Chapter 4 in The Sword in the Tree.

  2. Please cut out vocabulary words quietly and immediately and add them to your vocabulary envelope or bag.  Study all of your vocabulary words.

Day 2

  1. ​Read Chapter 5 in The Sword in the Tree.

  2. Read the source text on page 26 The Four Oxen and the Lioness.  Circle, underline or highlight 3 key words in each sentence.

  3. Write an outline on page 27 using the roman numeral (I) for your first sentence.  Remember to use only three important words like the action word and unlimited symbols or small pictures, abbreviations, and numbers.  

  4. Test your outline by retelling the story aloud to a sibling or parent.  If you struggle to retell the story out loud please add symbols or pictures to help you retell it easily.

  5. Write your rough draft paragraph using only your outline on page 27.  Tear out your outline and put away your source text.  Remember to put your name and the date at the top left hand side our your paper. Leave room for a title.  When you are done writing your rough draft read it over to make sure you have complete sentences and that it make sense.

Day 3

  1. Have your editor read over your paper and help you make corrections.  Add in your (-ly adverb) and underline it.  Double check your checklist on page 30.  You should have a title created from key words used in your last sentence.

  2. Write neatly in black or blue pen, or type your final draft.  Make sure your dress-up is underlined in a colorful pen and label (-ly) to the right of your sentence in the right margin with your colorful pen also.  If you added 1 or 2 vocabulary words to your paragraph underline those also.  Remember they are extra points!

  3. Make sure you have your name, date, and title in the correct place.  Please double space your lines or skip a line.  

  4. Organize your papers like it says to do on your checklist with your Checklist on top followed by your final draft, rough draft, then outline.  Please have your name on all four papers ready to turn in.  These should be placed in the front of your binder once completed.  As soon as IEW begins your papers need to be on your desk or table ready to hand in.

Have a lovely week!  Can't wait to read your paragraphs!

Please text or e-mail me with any questions.  

Alysia Gregg


If your student leaves homework at home please text me a pic of it ASAP for credit.

Vocabulary words this week:

quietly - with very little noise.

immediately - without delay.

Class 9/1

After looking at their homework for this week, we reviewed vocabulary words.  We discussed who our editors are and what they do.  Then we practiced writing the new outline together.  Class went by fast today.  Each week we are doing a tongue twister and reading a fable out loud.  

Homework due 9/8

Day 1

  1. Read Chapter 2 in The Sword in the Tree.

  2. Cut out vocabulary words trumpet and inspire.  Add them to your envelope or bag to keep in your binder. Study all four vocabulary words.

Day 2

  1. Read Chapter 3 in The Sword in the Tree.

  2. Read your Source Text on page 20 and highlight, circle, or underline 2-3 key words in each sentence.  

  3. Write your outline on page 21.  Use only 3 words on each line and unlimited symbols, pictures, abbreviations or numbers.  After each line, try to create a sentence out loud to yourself by using your words, symbols, pictures, abbreviations and numbers.  Make sure you have enough information on each line to make a sentence.  

  4. When your outline is completed, try to tell the story back to your editor out loud by creating sentences using your outline only.

  5. Write your rough draft paragraph using only your outline, do not look back at your source text.  Remember to double space or skip lines in between.  Tear your outline out on page 21, but keep it because you will turn it in next Tuesday.  Then do not look at your source text again. Write your paragraph.  Remember to create your title from your last sentence.

Day 3

  1. Read over your rough draft and if you typed it print it out.  Then have your editor help you make necessary corrections.  Save your rough draft, you will turn it in.

  2. Write neatly or type your final draft neatly.  Be sure your name and date are on the left side at the top of your paper.  Your title should be centered.  Please remember to double space your lines (skip a line between).

3.  Double check your checklist on page 24.  Make sure you did everything on the checklist.  Remember if you use your new vocabulary words it is extra points.  You may use up to 2 vocabulary words for 2 extra points.  You can underline your vocabulary words to make them easy to see.

4.  Please place all your homework in a nice pile, make sure your name is on every page please.  The first page should be your checklist, then your final draft, next your rough draft, then finally your key word outline.  We will do this for the next few weeks so I can check your process.  Then place your homework inside the front of your binder so it is ready to turn in.

***Rough drafts and outlines should be written in pen and messy.  Feel free to mark them all up as you work.

***Have your homework ready to turn in when you come into class.

Vocabulary words: this is for those waiting on curriculum.

beasts - any non human animals, especially four-footed mammals.

gnaw- to bite or chew on persistently.

inspire- to fill a person with an exalting feeling or thought.

trumpet- a brass wind instrument with a curved tube and a flaring bell

Have a blessed week!

Class 8/25

Today was a quick review class about outlining.  We looked at our new workbooks and organized our binders for the year.  It was a good, first day!  

Homework due 9/1

Day 1

  1. Cut out our first 2 vocabulary words and read them.  Page 237: gnaw and beasts.  Keep these in an envelope or ziplock bag in your binder for studying.

  2. Read Chapter 1 in The Sword in the Tree

Day 2

  1. Read  The Lion and the Mouse, your source text on page 14.  Circle, underline or highlight at least three key words in each sentence.

  2. Create your key word outline (KWO) on page 15.  Use three words and symbols, numbers, and abbreviations to complete your outline.

  3. Read your outline back to someone by making up your own sentences from your outline. Retell the fable this way by telling back your whole outline.  Remember to not look back at the source text, use your own words.

​Day 3

  1. ​Read The Ant and the Grasshopper on page 16.  Highlight, underline, or circle at least 3 key words in each sentence.

  2. Write your key word outline (KWO) on page 17.  Remember to use only three words and symbols, numbers and abbreviations.

  3. Retell your outline to someone aloud by creating sentences from your outline.

*Have a great week!

Please e-mail me or call me with any questions.

Alysia Gregg


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