Art October 20, 2020

We completed our first fall artwork today.  After working on a few shapes and textures to practice, we drew a basic landscape with curved lines.  Then students got to use those lines to add texture, color, and designs to their pictures.  We glued our practice in their art journals as a future reference.  They colored with colored their landscapes with colored pencils.  Their artwork was fabulous!  Take a look at their pictures, they are very colorful.




Art October 6, 2020

It was a review day in art!  We added 2 pages in our art journals that covered what we have been learning. Hopefully these pages with be a help whenever they draw.  Then we picked a picture to draw with pencil and colored pencils.  Wow! Already they have learned many skills and their pictures were impressive.  These drawings were done in their journals.  Class was fun and we enjoyed not using markers this week! 

Have a fabulous Fall Break!

Art September 29, 2020

Drawing lessons continued today.  Today we drew a lion and used texture elements and patterns to decorate the lion with markers.  We are continuing to practice details and texture, each week practicing different things.  This reinforces drawing details so we do not just outline and color or shade.  They turned out fabulous.  Students are drawing with me as I draw on the board, learning to listen and follow me as I go step by step.  It is my favorite beginning technique because it shows them how to break down pictures into shapes and lines, teaching them to listen at the same time.  They are also learning to follow instructions in order which is very important.  We have a few more weeks of this yet and then we will transition in our lessons.

Everyone is catching on really fast which is very exciting for me!

Art September 22, 2020

Check out your student/students drawings from today. We practiced elements of drawing, focusing on texture and details.  I like to train students to draw in a three step process:

1.  basic shape and outline first.

2. Details and texture.

3. shading and color.

This keeps them from skipping step 2 which makes their drawings have that extra element.  After practicing some basic elements of texture, we drew a simple bird.  Then students added texture and details of their choice.  Markers were our medium of choice today, it slows them down and makes them pay closer attention to what they are drawing.  The birds were fabulous!

Art September 15, 2020

We began using our Art Composition  notebook today.  Since we are learning about Ancient Egypt in history, we wrote a few facts about the construction of pyramids.  After discussing important details about pyramids, we sketched a few in our notebooks.  Art during this period of history is more about art created by groups of people and less about individual artists.

Art September 8, 2020

Check out our toucan drawings from today.  They are fantastic!  We learned about looking closely before we draw and making accurate lines.  After a short lesson, students drew a basic outline of a toucan in marker.  Then they decorated their bird and background.  Drawings were colorful, creative, and beautiful.  I hope you are as impressed, as I was!

Please make sure students have their composition notebook, we will be using them soon to record art and artists following the period of history that we are studying in Ms. Valerie's class.  Also, please make sure you are working with your student or students to keep their markers, color pencils, watercolor paints, and drawing pencils in their backpacks so they have what they need for class.  Thank You

Art September 1, 2020

In class today we had our first drawing lesson.  We practiced basic lines and shapes, learning how they work together to create pictures.  After practicing some basic techniques, students were encouraged to create their own picture using what we learned.  Drawing with markers forces students to slow down, look closer, and be more accurate with their lines.  It was fun to see what each student was interested in.  

I am enjoying getting to know students better and to see what interests them.





Art August 25

The first day of class I always just like to watch the students draw so i can get an idea of where they are at in their drawing skills.  Look at their pictures.  They did great!  This lets me know what we need to work on throughout the year.

Some of them have definitely been practicing. :)


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