3rd-6th Art

Art Contest Winners!

Thank you for all of those that participated.  Once again you amazed us all! You were super creative and competitive.  The competition was very close in many grades. Sometimes down to one vote! Prizes will go to the overall winner for each grade plus three additional prizes per grade being most creative or unique, most colorful, and most accurate.  Categories were not initially planned for this year but the projects that won fell right into them and this was a different year because we had to judge by pictures which made the contest very difficult!

Runners Up are those who were close in the competition and Honorable Mention received one or more votes from judges!

****You are all winners because you worked hard and created something!  This is one of the unique characteristics that we receive from God Himself....CREATIVITY!  Always remember in art contests, it is all about what the judges like!  Art is an opinion!


Winner of 1st place over the 3rd-6th grade goes to:

*****Silas in 6th grade with his Mountain Painting....Congrats Silas!

A Special School Prize was added this year, we are calling it the "Most Thoughtful Project" for the 3rd-6th grade:

******This goes to Haley in 5th grade for sewing masks! Thank you Haley for your thoughtfulness! Super inspired by your project!

6th Grade Winners

1st prize in 6th grade:  Cole with his detailed dragon pen drawing!

Most Accurate:  Ben for his bird photography, caught at just the right moment!

Most Unique or Creative: Liliana with her carefully crafted wooden bowl sculpture!

Most Colorful: Granite for his unique underwater sculpture!

****The 6th grade was so competitive that I had to pull in extra judges to break ties! There is a list of runner ups because it was so close that some won by one vote! So, runners up be encouraged, it was very close!

Runners up: Riley with her detailed flower photography, Linley for her unique cake/rock, Nic with his distinct man drawing, and Kai for his inspired beanstalk Lego sculpture!

Honorable Mention:  Clinton with his lovely cross painting, and Cadan for his complex drawing.

Way to go 6th grade.  We were all amazed at your projects!

5th/6th Grade Combined Class Winners

1st Prize in 5th Grade:  Sully with his very realistic clay sculpture of a warrior helmet!

Most Accurate:  Jillian for her amazing peacock drawing!

Most Creative:  Laila with her very realistic loop sculpture of a dragon!

Most Colorful:  Finley for her lovely, colorful, pointe ballet shoes!

Honorable Mention: Sofia with her amazing flamingo photo, Olivia for her unique cat house, Elise with her adorable cat cartoon, Will for his black and white boat drawing, and Wesley with his colorful, woven key chains, and Arwen with her yummy looking cake!

4th Grade Winners

1st Prize in 4th Grade:  Sydney for her cleverly designed and sewn dress!

Most Accurate:  Gracie with her beautiful poster of photography!

Most Creative:  Will for his Captain America shield painting!

Most Colorful:  Gracyn with her colorful cat cake!

Runners Up:  Effie with her bunny picture, and Owen for his dinosaur/lion sculpture!

Honorable Mention:  Holden with his tall Lego tower, and Emery for her colorful pattern picture!

3rd Grade Winners

1st Prize in 3rd Grade:  Callum for his amazing lego sculpture with action scenes!

Most Accurate:  Emerson with her realistic bunny drawing!

Most Creative:   Lilah for her unique angel puppy drawing!

Most Colorful:  Tinsley with her watercolor rainbow with cotton clouds!

Honorable mention: Reid with his colorful bird drawing, and Elliana for her unique splatter painting.

Photos below are of winners and 6th grade runners up only!  I have to place them at the end of the post!









































Special Video for my 6th Graders




If you need something to do this summer, here are my videos if you were not able to draw during semester!

Lion drawing



Bunny drawing


Pyramid drawing



Bob Ross drawing mystic mountain



April 21, 2020

Watch Video


Special Video for my 6th graders











April 14, 2020

*** Art Project Pictures due April 21, 2020.

Bob Ross is the artist we are learning about this week. You will watch one of his Youtube painting videos and paint with him instead of me. 


  1. A piece of paper (any kind)

  2. Several different sized paint brushes.

  3. Paints (any kind, water colors, acrylics, oils)

  4. Plastic or glass paint tray or plate to mix or squeeze paints on if you are using tube paints.

  5. A glass or jar of water

  6. Paper towels, napkins, something to dry brushes 

  7. Apron or old shirt to wear

Watch this video about Bob Ross

***Please note that I did not care for one of the advertising pictures at the end of this video, so you can stop it before the advertisement at the end.  It was my favorite video about him.



Read what this website has to say about Bob Ross




Watch this video and paint with Bob Ross!


Do the best you can do. You do not have to have all of his brushes and tools.  Use what you have and be creative. Vary the wetness of your paint to imitate what he his doing. HAVE FUN!  CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THESE!

****Bunny Art brought to you by Ben 6th Grade and Sydney 4th Grade.



April 7, 2020


  1. paper

  2. pencil

  3. watercolors



Watch video



Additional supplies to make Journal

  1. Glue/tape/stapler

  2. notebook or paper

  3. decorative paper (if you have it)

  4. stickers or stamps

  5. Colorful pens or markers

Ideas for Journals

1. Gratitude Journal-Date and write what you are thankful for.

2. Prayer Journal- Divided into sections so you can pray a small section almost daily.

Day 1  Family (mom, dad, bros, sisters)

Day 2 Extended family (grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) 

Day 3  Church Friends  (preacher, leaders, friends)

Day 4  Friends


Day 5 Country (USA leaders, like president)

TN State (leaders like governor)

***Remember those who are sick, struggling with things, or those who need Jesus!

Concerns  Section where you put personal struggles or worries.  What is going on in your life right now or others who need prayers right now for something specific.  

Answered  Section for you to record how God has answered your prayers.

Thankful/ Gratitude  Section for you to write down what you are thankful for.

***You can always just date your page and write a prayer or thought.

Make this your special book!  These are ideas, add the ideas you like and skip the rest!

Have a blessed Easter!

Spend time being thankful and letting God know what you are thankful for.

Continue to memorize scriptures!

  Student pyramid samples brought to you by Laila in 5th grade and Owen in 4th grade!


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