3rd-6th Art

Art Contest

Art Contest is still on! Please continue to work on it!


****Scroll down for your weekly Lesson!

April 21, 2020  The Last Day of School

  • Bring a project completed in the last year May 2019-April 2020.

  • It must be no larger than 4ft by 4ft. 

  • Your art project can be anything painted, drawn, photography, sewing, beading, metal, wood, legos, baked goods, etc.

  • Please work on something that you are passionate about.

  • Parents may help but the work must be done by the student.

  • When building with legos, it must be your own design.  Please do not use plans.

  • Plan to work on this for a while, not in one night.

  • You may only have 1 project.

  • The project must be done by you only, not in cooperation with another student.

****Use your spring break to work on it and complete it.  There will be three prizes per class and one extra prize for 3-6 grade combined.

Please text me or e-mail me if you have any questions.  

 Alysia Gregg



April 7, 2020


  1. paper

  2. pencil

  3. watercolors



Watch video



Additional supplies to make Journal

  1. Glue/tape/stapler

  2. notebook or paper

  3. decorative paper (if you have it)

  4. stickers or stamps

  5. Colorful pens or markers

Ideas for Journals

1. Gratitude Journal-Date and write what you are thankful for.

2. Prayer Journal- Divided into sections so you can pray a small section almost daily.

Day 1  Family (mom, dad, bros, sisters)

Day 2 Extended family (grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) 

Day 3  Church Friends  (preacher, leaders, friends)

Day 4  Friends


Day 5 Country (USA leaders, like president)

TN State (leaders like governor)

***Remember those who are sick, struggling with things, or those who need Jesus!

Concerns  Section where you put personal struggles or worries.  What is going on in your life right now or others who need prayers right now for something specific.  

Answered  Section for you to record how God has answered your prayers.

Thankful/ Gratitude  Section for you to write down what you are thankful for.

***You can always just date your page and write a prayer or thought.

Make this your special book!  These are ideas, add the ideas you like and skip the rest!

Have a blessed Easter!

Spend time being thankful and letting God know what you are thankful for.

Continue to memorize scriptures!

  Student pyramid samples brought to you by Laila in 5th grade and Owen in 4th grade!


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