January 26, 2021

In art we are transitioning to drawing buildings for a few weeks.  Today we created two pages in our art journals.  One to learn different textures and details on buildings.  The second page we drew a basic barn.  These pages will help students when they draw at home.  Then I gave them paper and they drew an easy barn from a view of the front that receded towards the back of the barn.  We focused on learning how to line up the lines of our windows with the roof line and sides of the building.  This keeps our barn drawings accurate.  Then we added details with texture.  If the students had time, they colored their barns with colored pencils.  I am always really impressed with how creative they can be with their details and additions to the basic drawing we drew together.  

Have a fabulous week!

January 19, 2021

Class was a blast today.  We continued our winter projects by creating a winter mountain landscape.  First we drew with a pencil, then we outlined our drawing with color pastels.

Finally, we watercolor painted.  The students really enjoyed painting today.  We focused on color wash, which is using watercolor paints with lots of water   This makes the colors bleed into each other.  Their pictures are amazing....check them out!  It was great to be back.

January 12, 2021

Art will begin at home with a fun snowflake painting.  Hope you are all enjoying the snow. I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon.  We will continue to work on lines and shapes with drawing for a few weeks.  Then we will press on to working on shading and values.  

***Supplies needed:  watercolor paints, a plain sheet of white paper, color pastels or crayons, and a pen, pencil, or marker for your practice drawing.  Optional: You can use a pencil to draw your snowflakes first if you need to, but it will be good for you to draw them with a crayon or oil pastels. This will cause you to slow down and be accurate with your lines.

1. First practice drawing snowflakes. You can put this in your art journal so that you will have this as a reference for other projects.  Draw 2 lines down, and 2 lines across creating 9 boxes.  Then look at the sample below and practice drawing the shapes in each box with a marker, pen, or pencil.

​2.  Draw snowflakes and/or snowman with crayons or oil pastels on your paper. You can pick whatever designs you like.  Make this your own.  I put two examples on this page: one with large snowflakes and another with a snowman.  

3.  Paint the whole page with watercolor paints.  The crayons or pastels will repel the watercolor paints.  Use enough water to spread the color easily on your paper (this is called a color wash).


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