3rd-6th Math Enrichment



I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

Remember that next week we will still be doing subtraction for our math facts drills (division for the 6th AM & 5th/6th PM classes), and if your score goes up from last week, you'll earn candy (plus you'll be so proud of yourself!!), so PRACTICE at HOME!! :)





We had a great day today!!                        

Thank you to everyone for the super sweet Valentines! 


The 3rd grade AM, 4th/5th grades AM, and 3rd/4th grades PM classes played

101 and OUT, a fun dice game that involves practicing subtraction. Most caught on quickly and by the end of class  everyone was doing a good job with the concept of  borrowing during double digit subtraction.


These classes also started doing subtraction for their timed math facts drill. These were graded and handed back during class so that they could see how they did. We will continue doing subtraction for the rest of the year.


The 6th grade AM and 5th/6th grades PM classes played FARKLE - so fun!


These classes also started doing division for their timed math facts drill. These were graded and handed back during class so that they could see how they did. We will continue doing division for the rest of the year.


JUST A REMINDER to STUDENTS...every week that your score improves from the week before, you will earn a piece of candy, so PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE at HOME!







January 12, 2021


I am really looking forward to seeing each of you in person, and am hoping & praying that happens next week!!


In the upcoming weeks, we will be learning about AVERAGES, GRAPHING, and MEASURING.  We will also continue our weekly timed math fact drills.

For next week, practice your math facts to get back into it. You can do this a number of ways, but a fun way to do it this week would be to go to FactMonster.com.

Remember, for at least the first week back, we will continue with the same ones we were doing before break:

AM classes

3rd - addition

4th/5th - addition

6th - multiplication

PM classes

3rd/4th - addition

4th/5th - addition

5th/6th - multiplication

Have fun practicing!!

:) Ms. Carmen


November 17, 2020


Hello, students and parents! 


I missed seeing each of you in class this week! 


I am so proud of all of you for how well you're doing on your timed math facts drills!! It's exciting to see the weekly improvement! Remember while you're off from SHARE for a couple weeks that the only way to keep seeing that improvement is to keep practicing your math facts at home. Just a reminder, there are lots of ways to practice them! You can find some great resources online by searching for "timed math fact drills". Some of the websites will provide worksheets that you can print and time yourself and others have drills you can take online. Flash cards are also a great way to practice, either alone or with another person. 


For a few more weeks, each class will continue doing the same drills that we've been doing. This means multiplication for the 5th/6th & 6th grade classes, and addition for all of the other classes.


I hope that you all have a great break and I'm "counting" on seeing each of you the week after Thanksgiving!!


Ms. Carmen




Hello! I am missing all of you so much! I know how smart and creative you all are, so I am sure that you are finding fun new ways to enjoy all the extra time at home! 

Be sure to keep practicing your math facts! Having them memorized is a great tool that you will be able to use in every upcoming grade, as well as throughout your life!


I am so proud of the hard work you put in and loved seeing you earn your "math moolah" as your scores climbed higher and higher! I know you are all as disappointed as I am that we won't be at SHARE to do our auction, but I've been thinking hard and will be working with Ms. Christy to hopefully come up with a fun, different way to use the math moolah you worked so hard to earn!! I'll update you on that next week.  :)


Today would have been the last day that we did math facts to earn math moolah this semester, so I am going to attach them here, and if you want, you can print it out and have an adult time you, and then have them email your score to me. 

                        6th grade                                       4th & 5th grade                                      3rd grade


Wow! I was impressed with math facts scores! It was obvious that a lot of students practiced/reviewed math facts during the week, because scores went up! 

Thank you to those who added dividers to your student's binder. If you haven't done so yet, please do so by next week. Thank you! 


We are off to a great start with our math fact drills! Everyone has their paper from last week, so be sure to check it out to see how they did! 

Everyone who improves on their score next week from this week will get a piece of candy. They need to practice this week. :)

3rd through 5th grades will be doing addition again next week and 6th grade will be doing multiplication. 

We also set up their binders today. If your student doesn't have dividers for their binder yet, please be sure to get them before next week. Thank you! 


We had another great day in math! 

We began our weekly, timed math facts today. All four classes will do this every week. Students will be competing against themselves each week, trying to get a better score than the week before. 3rd through 5th grades did addition today. 6th grade did multiplication. Afterwards, we started a fun activity to practice our math facts that we will complete next week. 

Just a reminder...

The supply list for math includes:

- 3 ring binder

- loose leaf paper

- sharpened pencils

- colored pencils

- 2 different colored highlighters


All classes will need to have these supplies with them every week. 

Thank you! 

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